So it’s our forth day in the studio working on a new album. Besides the entirely mundane and base (the breathing and eating and sleeping), everything is entirely surreal.

The fact that over $20,000 was given to us in less than 30 days, induces stunned humility. The size of gifts ranged from literally 46 cents to $10,000. Little girls saved Christmas money and pre-bought the album. A sweet youth group child sacrificially gave $5. A dear saint gave thousands. A friend gave to pay off our goal. Even thinking about each contributor now evokes tears. How do you thank someone who gives $10,000? The same way you thank a little girl who sacrificially gives $5. Humbly. Genuinely. With grace, deferring to God’s glory, with confidence stepping into His calling.

So we journey on. Continuing to fall yet knowing He’s catching us. And enjoying the ride. I still wonder at times what in the world we’re doing. Yet His grace covers us for each moment and your support provides enormous encouragement sustaining us.

– Meleah


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