vibrant [vahy-bruhnt] – adjective
1. moving to and fro rapidly; vibrating.
2. vibrating so as to produce sound, as a string.
3. (of sounds) characterized by perceptible vibration; resonant; resounding.
4. pulsating with vigor or energy: the vibrant life of a large city.
5. vigorous; energetic; vital: a vibrant personality.
6. exciting; stimulating; lively: vibrant colors; a vibrant performance.
7. Phonet. made with tonal vibration of the vocal chords; voiced.

After a full day of making music (singing and playing stringed instruments) and playing (speed walking, singing and shooting confetti guns) we were called vibrant. And it just seems to fit…in more ways than we realized.

It’s not that we haven’t experienced heartache or don’t frequently fall into melancholy, but our Hope is constant. Christ came to give us life, and life to the full. We long to embrace it, to embrace Him.

So pray for continued vibrancy. May we all together walk in fullness of Life!

– Meleah


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