This entire project has been epic. Epically beyond us. Epically larger than we could accomplish on our own. Epically vulnerable. Epically joyful. Simply, epic.

One of the amazing joys has been experiencing the community of people drawn together in the studio to help make the project. People, who for all practical reasons have had no reason to say yes to working on the project, have invested countless hours already. There are much bigger fish in the pond than a band of kids from Chattanooga, yet we’ve experienced fellowship and community together that’s refreshed each of us.

We’ve been challenged, feasted on lunchtime picnics, had our musical minds blown, enjoyed rousing games of baseball golf, quoted movies, ate cookies, prayed through seasons of life and heart together, played wiffle ball, worshipped, wrestled tenaciously with tricky songs, speed-walked, and survived a power outage and severe weather alerts.

And we are thankful. Epically thankful.

– Meleah


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