stacking stones

Thoughts from our study in Nehemiah at youth group and Zach after a conversation with Nathan Cravatt… 

From a distance, in the ease of comfort and prestige of position, Nehemiah saw the distress of his flesh and blood amidst the brokenness of their city. Walls broken and burned. Vulnerable. He didn’t have to notice, ask, or care. Yet he did. And he was grieved.

Launching into an epic campaign to rebuild the wall in a “stupid fast time” (and I quote Zach), Nehemiah and the people were met with angry hecklers who aggressively sought to deter, distract and demoralize. The welfare of God’s people is displeasing to some. Yet the God of heaven gave them success and they had a mind to work regardless of the accusations.

And a large part of the time, the work just meant stacking stones. People strategically scattered down the wall, stacking stones, day after day.

Our time in the studio is 17 days total. Of which the full band only played through songs together for five half days. That means five half days and an additional 12 days of meticulously playing each part of each song on each instrument…stacking stones.

Nehemiah and the people rebuilding the wall, including the meticulous stacking of stones, was an element of fulfilling prophecy for the Messiah to return. Those stone stackers were a part of the Story of redemption. Something epically larger than themselves.

Just as our days of playing one guitar part over again are a part of something beyond ourselves. Compelled by seeing God’s heart for His people, we couldn’t not step out to do this work. So each part has significance. We pray each part ushers the Kingdom of God closer to our hearts and His people.

And it’s all happening in “stupid fast time.” We’ll keep you posted…

– Meleah


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