After our first day in the studio this last week, we just needed some fresh air. It was an amazingly productive day mapping out every little part that needed to be done before the end of the album. It was actually a short day…starting late and ending early. But it was a long day mentally…our minds felt numb and I think we all had a headache. So we went for a walk while the sun still warmed the cool spring air.

It was more like a skipping, hopping, dancing kind of walk…because that’s just what we do. In our little loop we even found Rachel Way.


We also saw everything bursting into green after the freeze-induced dormancy of winter. And flowers beginning to peak out. One row of trees were distinctive. Having been cut off to produce more lush life, they were sticks of trees that still looked naked compared to those that had already exploded in green. Yet they had flowers budding all over the ends of their branches. Clinging right to the bare branches, flowers blooming life.

Signs that the beauty of life after loss is greater. A sweet thought entering Holy Week and approaching Easter.

– Meleah


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