glory and goodness

We haven’t worked on this album in a vacuum. In fact our life experiences recently are manifested in this new project in ways we couldn’t have imagined or predicted. So would you afford me the chance to let you in on a bit of what the Lord has been leading me through in this season?

When the brokenness of this world leaves it’s mark on my heart and mind, I can be the first to frantically look for the glory of God…but defining it flatly as a lesser virtue, because His goodness seems in question. Clinging to hope in His glory, when all else can seem questionable. How can a good God let four young girls be left without their mother? But I can piously resort to proclaiming that God’s glory will be manifested triumphantly still. A glorious, not-good God? Is such a thing possible?

On the surface I would assert a resounding “No!” but my thought processes and emotions reveal that my fallen weary heart poses the question off and on…sometimes more on.

In Exodus 33 when Moses asks to see the glory of God, the LORD (the covenant keeping Mighty God) answers affirmatively. Yet He answers, “I Myself will make all My goodness pass before you, and will proclaim the name of the LORD before you.” (Exodus 33:19) Moses asks for glory. God gives him goodness.

God’s goodness is incapable of being disentangled from His glory.

When my heart is tempted to doubt His goodness, asking to see His glory is asking to see His goodness. Oh that I would have eyes to see Him as He truly is and not the shadow I construct loosely from what I see now dimly.

– Meleah


One thought on “glory and goodness

  1. Goodness isn’t something God *has*, it’s something he *is*. You’re right, our concept of goodness is as watery as our understanding of holiness, or truth. Much like nothing could corrupt Jesus by touching Him (rather, Purity would overwhelm the ‘unclean’ who touched), our wimpy, ragged corner of the meaning of *good* is only a problem in our minds. Pain never a part of goodness? My lack, not His! Sorrow has no part of good? Oh, really? God can be whatever He is, and *that* is goodness… for us to get ahold of or miss out on the completeness of.

    Yes, As Isaac, sing to us of goodness AND glory! “Who can say he understands the mind of the most high? What else could compare to the Creator of the sky?” … “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.”

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