seeing things

I didn’t realize the tapping noise was meant to get my attention.

      En route to hiking trails, I’d paused to take a picture on one of the roads passing beside a section of condominiums in our neighborhood. Today had swung in with every full ounce of Fall, and I wanted to document each photographable  inch.  After all, sieve-like minds need countless ebeneezers. The more frequent and visible along the path, the better. So if you’ve recently seen me swinging around my iphone camera like a hobbyist photographer gone wild…you’ll know why.
      Still, the tapping bounced somewhere to my left, so I turned on a surprised heel towards the condos.

A little face smiled through a third story window; a little hand waved widely.This precious one had been beating the pane so that she could simply wave at me, make some kind of eye contact.

She saw me. And she wanted me to know that. [Read the rest from Rachel over here]

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