A kind & thoughtful review of Headed for My Home from Scotland

 To say we are humbled is an understatement. Along this journey, we are stunned at the Lord’s faithfulness to lead and His favor lavish upon us. This man’s kind words from across the ocean are a beautiful example. Thank you Alex Barber of Caleb Radio in Scotland! 

As Isaac – Headed for My Home Review

Every once in a while an album is released that hits the nail perfectly on the head. For the Christian, As Isaac’s album, Headed for My Home is that album. A beautiful combination of faith and music, these songs form a collection that is easily accessible to the average listener, but with the new and intriguing texture of a bluegrass/country feel. This masterpiece is an intersection of a worshipful expression for the masses and beautiful, heartfelt and personal music; it is an absolute must have in the Christian home.

As Isaac have thoughtfully and skillfully crafted their music with a grand sense of individuality and character. This makes for an experience that leaves listeners feeling refreshed and encouraged, as well as inspired by both the music and lyrics. In an age defined by the mass- produced Christian music ‘industry,’ As Isaac have achieved a sound that is completely their own and unique to them. The arrangements have been brilliantly refined, and incorporate instruments from the banjo, hammered dulcimer, cello and violins, all the way to the customary use of piano, guitar and drums. Add to this the breath-taking vocal harmonies on most tracks, and you get a soundscape that may as well be morally condemnable to miss out on. Lyrically, you won’t find a more worshipful album anywhere in the world of Christian music. By the time the album finishes, the only thing you can think is, “when The Bible speaks about playing skillfully unto The Lord, God just might have been looking forward to the future, when As Isaac would be around.”

Band members, Zach Smith, Kristian Croxall and Rachel Kelly are refreshingly blatant in their thanks to God. They acknowledge His hand guiding them straight through the recording process and in their lives in General. That attitude in their lives is integrated seamlessly into the material on Headed for My Home. The album is a true offering from their hearts. It’s exciting to listen to, and be a part of an experience as organic as this album, because it acts as a window into how other people’s lives are being affected by Christ. That sort of personal testimony is always powerful, and leaves a lasting impression, especially in the case of Headed for My Home.

These twelve tracks from As Isaac offer a great range in dynamics, keeping the listener guessing, and making the album experience an engaging one. The album has quiet, contemplative and even at times melancholy moments in songs like, “In The Silence,” and “Your Name.” Other songs such as “Your Glory Never Ends” and “Song of The Risen Son,” start out slow but boarder on anthemic when they reach their full climax. The broad range of emotions found in Headed for My Home match well with the truth of the Christian life; it’s not always an easy road. As Isaac reminds us that while we travel the difficult roads of life, our hearts are a “highway to Zion.”

Article by: Alex Barber
Caleb Radio


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