The story behind “Your Name”

thoughts from Rachel…

I don’t know about you, but words make me greedy. When they’re spoken, my ears want to know the whole story, the 85 other chapters not told. When they’re written, my fingers ache to scrawl a response. When they’re sung, my lungs can’t help but shape air to push back.

But when the limitations and regulations of language impose their sovereignty over our expression, it can easily frustrate. Just the same, it can also humble.

The words in this song came from an inability to speak rightly and a subsequent frustration. Because in a moment of understanding deep forgiveness, only Jesus’ Name would do.

In this particular moment:

-I’d known the depth of my offense. It was a definite transgressing by my own will.

-I’d known that feeling of having grieved His Spirit.

-I’d known that my heart needed rending in repentance (Joel 2:13).

But I hadn’t known that a wave of the Lord’s lovingkindness would sweep behind all the “steps” that I was sure of, and overwhelm my sense of self-reliant repentance.

His Love so often leaves us breathless. The way it strips away our presupposed notions of “how the Lord works” and leaves us quite bare, declaring in His presence that He does all things well.

He does all things well even when we don’t come “ready” to His table. (Because His blood is the only worthy cleansing agent, no matter what scrubbing we try.)

Healing is in His wings when ours aren’t preened, but prove rather tattered and broken. (Because He’s always hovered over and under His creation, from Time’s start. He’s always been the only One Who can carry us (Deut. 32:11).)

It is His Name that brings redemption. (Because He’s always reigned as Redeemer even when we didn’t realize it (Job 19:25).)

How gloriously reassuring then that we have only to utter His Name when words leave us hanging! His Name won’t leave us hanging because the Father did not end the Gospel with a drooping, hanging martyr, but with a risen, victorious Savior who triumphed over Death by way of death!

It is why those who look to the cross will never be ashamed. Their faces will be radiant from the light of the Risen Son shining from behind the outline of wood and nails. We have only to speak His Name, touch the hem of His garment, and in faith be healed.

Nothing- not a single earthly thing- is sweeter than that.


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