Kristian Grad Swag Guitar Pick


So our baby of the band, Kristian Croxall, has graduated high school!! In honor of his illustrious educational career thus far, we are offering a commemorative guitar pick…with his face on it.

These high quality, versatile guitar picks can be used as guitar picks, be fashioned into earrings, form one of a kind necklaces, be made into a key chain, be shingles for your gingerbread house this coming Christmas, or many other lovely things.

Everyone who graduated this year and/or knows and/or loves Kristian Croxall and/or any other 2015 graduate should own one.

Buy yours HERE for only $1.

(If you’re local, buy it in person to save shipping.)


2 thoughts on “Kristian Grad Swag Guitar Pick

    • Great!! We’re at Calvary every Wed from 5 till 9:30 if you want to swing by to pick them up and save shipping. Text or call if you’d like to arrange another time to meet us.

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