Vignette No. 2: Live At The Neighborhood Show

So we had a little dream, to bring people together to be neighbors… If only for an evening of music, and then maybe enduring… And we’d call it The Neighborhood Show.

And then we realized it was the five year anniversary of when our first EP (Hastening the Day) came out…when we officially became a band (but didn’t realize it was happening yet). And we had been wanting to record some updated versions of songs from that EP. And people had been begging us to record a couple of new songs we’ve been singing lately.

So we decided to record Live At The Neighborhood Show last month (almost 5 years to the day after we released Hastening the Day and did an album release concert). Recording a live album can be a bit unnerving… But it turned out to be a bit of magic that we’re so excited to share with you!

You can order physical copies of the CD here, or get them from us in person or wherever we’re playing (come to An As Isaac Family Christmas at The Opry if you’re near Chattanooga!), or any digital platform you like to buy music (like iTunes).

To celebrate, we’ll be posting the songs over this week for you to listen to. Here’s the first, long awaited, “Anchor That Holds.” Stay in touch…



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